Sound stuff

Sound stuff

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Sound samples.
Sound samples from movies.
Other sound/music links.

Most of the WAV files are in 8b stereo, 8 mHz, else they are in 16b stereo, 22 mHz.
The AU files are in 8b stereo, 8 mHz.

Sound samples

Don't drink, it can (490kb/490kb) you, or you can (79kb/28kb).
Don't climb you can (130kb/130kb).
Don't use a (584kb/ 584kb), use a electric shaver.
Don't try to walk in a (443kb/443kb).
The Atom (56kb/56kb).

This is not it seems like, can you hear what it is ? (449kb/449kb)

Movie sound samples

Hippi yeah ... mother fucker. Die Harder (276kb/100kb)
I need your clothes, your boots and your motor cycle. T2 (306kb/111kb)
"Arnie" is trying to say the same thing. (308kb/112kb)
More sounds samples from Terminator (I/II).

Are you interested in a great sound sample from a aircraft scene.
Indiana Jones III. (16BS/22mHz/21 MB wav) Please e-mail me.

Ohter sound/music links

The Alf midi site, here in Bergen. Made by Kurt G. Gjerde.
A "few" MOD Files.
Bergen Jazz Forum.
Lisa Ekdahl "home page".
The September When home page.
Some music Charts.

More links comming up, at a WEB browser near you.

Last updated 3 September 1999
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