Norwegian Mountains: Other great areas in Norway

Norwegian Mountains Other great areas .....

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Fjellsport, the Norwegian web site for ski, climbing and mountainsports.

Climbing in Norway.
Norwegian Alpine Club. If you want to climb in Norway contact these guys !
Climbing guide to Norway

Skiing in Norway.
Skiinfo. Everything about Norwegian ski places. Norwegian
NUNSC - Norway guide. A very good page, with nice pictures !

Hiking Info in Rogaland. Preikestolen and the Kjerag bolt, great places.
Jostedalsbreen Nasjonal park. Jostedalsbreen is 1230 km2 and is our largest glacier.
The Norwegian Alps. A great place of the north/west part of south Norway.
Top of Norway. A company that arranges trips on Top of Norway.
Lyngen - Alpekommunen. Looks like a great place of northern Norway, Troms. Norwegian
Lyngen, The Lyngen Alps and the Lyngen peninsula. Even better Lyngen page.
Troms area. (In the North) Describtions of the areas: Kvaløya, Senja, Lyngen and Tromsø. Norwegian
Rondane Nasjonal Park. Hiking suggestions in the area. Norwegian
Queen Maud Land. The Norwegian part of Antarctica.

Kjetil's mountain area
Kjetil's fjellside. Norwegian
Mountain picture gallery.
How to use a compass.
Morten's outdoor life and rescue page. Good information about Red Cross and snow/avalanche. Norwegian
Tom's mountain pages. (More stuff in the Norwegian versjon !) A very good page of his mountain/hiking experience.
Carl Erik's mountain world. Some very nice pictures from his peak experience in the north, but in Norwegian. New !

Norway on the Web. Much information about Norway.
Norwegian American Homepage A lot of information, incl. traveling in Norway.
Little Norway. A nice site about Norway in USA.
Information about Norway. Pictures of Norway. Two good pages about Norway.
Scenes pictures from Norway. From the picture database
GORP's (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) Norway Resource Listings.

The IFI-MTB Club. Our MTB club here in Bergen. We call us: Intellectual Hill Killer's, a very nice site !! :-)

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