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Picture of Hurrungane and Fanaråken 2068m
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Since 6 October 1998

Jotunheimen More named peaks: Storebjørn, Veslebjørn ... and new great links !
One of our largest national parks, a place for body and soul. Inside this park you will find Norway highest peaks.

Gausta Peak Several new great pictures and a link !
This is the most far-seeing peak in south Norway. Are you looking for an easy hike and a great view ? Take a look at this.

Preikestolen and the Kjeragbolt Some new great pictures and a link !
Vertical drops of 600m and 1000m. These will give you a great stomack feeling if you can manage the heights.

Bergen A new great and looong picture of Sandviken + links !
The local 7 Summits. Visiting Bergen ? Check out which mountain to hike.

Want to know more about outdoor life (hiking/ skiing/ climbing/ cycling) in Norway ? Check out these organisations.

Other great areas
Links to other areas and mountains pages in Norway. Send me your link if you want.

Norwegian mountains above 2000 m.
A long text list of Norway's highest mountains(Outside this site)

Coming up: More pictures from Norway !!!

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