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About: Location of Jotunheimen

Welcome to the largest (and best ? :-) Jotunheimen page on the Internet. As you can see on the map, Jotunheimen is located in the middle of Norway. All mountains that are above 2300 m in Norway, are located here. In Jotunheimen you can find nice hiking paths if you are a beginner, and experienced climbers can find the challenge they're looking for. There are about 35 huts in the area, so you don't need a heavy tent with you if you want to have a hiking trip in Jotunheimen. If you need maps, information about hiking paths or the huts contact DNT, they will tell you more. I have been here 3 times and it's great.


Galdhøpiggen 2469 m. The highest peak in Norway.
Glittertind 2452 m + snow, is the second highest peak in Norway.
The hut on Galdhøpiggen. Where you can buy supplies if you want.
Galdhøpiggen, picture taken from Kyrkja 2068 m.
Galdhøpiggen in bad weather. Can you see the hut ?

Jotunheimen picture taken from Besseggi.
Jotunheimen with Galdhøpiggen, Glittertind. (270kb version)
Jotunheimen with Rauddasleggi, Mjølkedalstinden, and the self service hut, Olavsbu. DNT. (303kb version)
Jotunheimen with Hurrungane and Fanaråken ++.
Jotunheimen with Rauddalseggi, Me, Mjølkedalstinden.
Rauddalseggi 2168 m., from the behind.

Besseggi Norway's most famous mountain tracking trip. (A 5-6h hike)
Besseggi Another, with Besshøi 2258 m.
Besseggi from the opposite direction, near by the top.
Besseggi Norwegians in queue, on the last and most tricky part.
Knutshø. A nice edge beside Besseggi.

Skagastølstindane. This is Norway's classical climbing area. (Hurrungane) (189kb version) (from north)
Skagastølstindane. From another angle (east).
Hurrungane and Fanaråken on 2068 m. On Fanaråken is the highest standing mountain hut situated.
Fanaråken from the behind. With the DNT (full service) huts. New !

Kyrkja 2068 m. Easy and nice to hike (3,5h up/down) from the hut Leirvassbu.
The path down, from Kyrkja. A nice look :-). New !
Visbretind 2234 m. A steep hike to a great view. Can hike this after/before Kyrkja mountain.
Surtningshui 2368 m. A very great view from it. A 7-8h hike up/down from the hut (full service) Memmurubu.
Svartdalspiggen 2137 m. A very great view from it. A 5h hike up/down from the hut (full service) Gjendebu. DNT.
The Leirvassbu hut area (west). With Storebjørn, Veslebjørn, Saksa, Kniven, Store Smørstabbtind and Loftet. New !

Me, on a beach, when I should have been in Jotunheimen ...


Climbing in Jotunheimen ? Take a look at this.
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Paul Wijsen's Trip to Norway, July 1998 Nice pictures from Jotunheimen. (Galdhøpiggen, Surtningshui incl. maps) New !
Till Topps by 3 swedish boys. Very good site incl. trips in Jotunheimen, Narvik, Nordmarka, maps and great pictures. New !
Jotunheimen August 1997 by Anthony Dyer's. Very nice describtion and picture of his trip this summer. New !
Tour of Jotunheimen, our toughest bikecycle tour.
The Album: Jotunheimen, some autum pictures from Jotunheimen.
On a trip in Jotunheimen, a Y.M.C.A trip. Norwegian
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A Swedish travelogue from a trip in Jotunheimen by Tomas Rendalen.
Krossbuguiden. A swedish guide for the area around the hut Krossbu (1267m), incl. 3D pic.
Uwe´s Photo-Gallery. Pictures from Jotunheimen and Rondane.
Luster community Photogallery. Incl. pic. from Jotunheimen (Falketind, Fanaråken etc) Norwegian
Pictures from a trip in 1996. Norwegian
Kenneth's photo album. His vacation in Jotunheimen, August 1995.
Jürgen Kropp on top of Glittertind (2452m), August, 20th, 1993.
Take a look at Ståle Schumacher's picture from Storebjørn (2222m).
Top of Norway A company that arranges trips, incl. Jotunheimen.

If you want your private Jotunheimen page listed here, let me know !

I had a bicycle trip through Jotunheimen summer 95. (800 km, incl. some hiking) - My trip was great. The weather was very good and I took several nice pictures, so watch out for more pictures. (Some of them are listed now !)

Recommended of course !!!

Recommended starting points: From Turtagrø or Sognefjellshytten (on glacier), hike up to Fanaråken - Skogadalsbøen - Olavsbu - Gjendebu or Leirvassbu. From Gjendbu & Memmurubu & Gjendesheim hike Svartdalspiggen | Bukkelægeret | Surtningshui | Besseggi | Besshøi. From Leirvassbu hike Kyrkja | Visbretind or over to the Krossbu hut on a great glacier with guides. Or hike further to Spiterstulen, then Galdhøpiggen | Glittertind. From the Glittertind hut hike to Memmurubu or Gjendesheim. A nice place to end your Jotunheimen hike is with the mountain hut Gjendesheim. Every day in the hiking season (mid July - September), several busses goes to/(from) Oslo.

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