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About: Location of Gausta peak

Gausta Peak (Gaustatoppen) is 1883 m (abt. 6000 f.a.s.l.) and is the most far-seeing peak in south Norway. You can see about 50000km2 from the Gausta Peak compared to Galdhøpiggen (highest mountain in Norway located in Jotunheimen), where you only see 20000km2. You use about 1.5 hour to the top and you walk on rocks all the way, no problem. There is a hut on the top, where you can buy supplies and you can also stay the night over. But I recommend you to talk to the guys on the hut first, before you are planning do that. Contact DNT.


Starting point The starting point for the hike.
Rjukan and Gausta Peak Rjukan and the Gausta Peak.
Gausta Peak A great winter picture of Gausta Peak. Thanks to Brian.F.Kunz.
Gausta Peak A great "autumn" picture". Thanks to Mechtild Reuber. New !
Gausta Peak Anohter great "autumn" picture". Thanks to Mechtild Reuber. New !
The view from Gausta Peak Check out that view and shadow. Thanks to Andreas Krause. New !
Camping place The camping place outside Rjukan and the Gausta Peak.

Map of view A map of South Norway, the view from the Gausta Peak in clear weather.
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Bletoppen & Gaustatoppen. A trip by Anthony Dyer to these places in August 1995, nice pictures New !


You will have a very great view up there in good weather, and even your fit granny can do this hike ! You can start from about 900 m. I had a bike trip through this area summer 96. I took many pictures so watch out for more.

I have got feedback about this granny hike :-). She told me that she wouldn't recommend your granny to hike Gausta. Hike it first and then you can see for yourself and judge. Let me know if this is a granny hike OK ? ... :-). Another person told me that she don't recommend your granny to do this hike. It's heavy for a old heart !!!! So you old hikers out there, be in good shape, and have a nice trip !!!! :-)

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