Norwegian Mountains: The Local 7 Summits in Bergen

Norwegian Mountains The Local 7 Summits in Bergen .....

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About: Location of Bergen

As you can see Bergen is located on the west coast of south Norway. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and we are about 220 000 inhabitants. We have 7 fameous mountains and every year in May/June Bergen Turlag arrange the Trip of the 7 mountains. They are all low mountains, but nice to take a little hike on, when you need some exercise. You use about 30 min - 1 h to hike up one of them, and about 30 - 15 min down again. Rundemannen is also nice to climb with a Mountain bike. (Check the IFI-MTB page)

Pictures:  Lonborg, Sandviken and the city (133KB) !!! New !

The rout for the 7 mountains trip :
Starts at Karven, early in the morning. (Between 08.00 and 09.00)
First mountain, Lyderhorn 396 m. Great view to the coast !
Next mountain, Damsgårdsfjellet 350 m.
Next mountain, Løvstakken 477 m.
Food time at Bergen Yrkeskole.
Next mountain, Ulriken 642 m. The highest mountain in Bergen. My favourite of course.
Next mountain, Fløyen 400 m.
Next mountain, Rundemannen 560 m.
Next and last, Sandviksfjellet 417 m. (You just pass it)
The trip stops in the centre of Bergen, at Bergen Turlag.
Total abt. 2200 m uphill and abt. 30 km distance.

I have hiked this one time (spring 1995), and a map and more pictures are coming up at a Web browser near you someday. See you next time !

If you realy starts counting mountains, you can see more then only seven !
Here are some of them: Askøyfjellet (one of the original 7), Blåmannen, Nattlandsfjellet.


The "famous" Vidden. Nicely done pages. New !
Pictures from Bergen.
Live snapshot pictures, from our local newspaper Bergens Tidende. Norwegian
Vidden New ! Ulriken Fløyen Vågen

The City of Bergen. New !
More information about Bergen.


The trip it self is hard, but if you hike only one of them, you will see a lot of our beautiful city. My favourites are Ulriken, Lyderhorn and now Sandviksfjellet. If you are a cheater :) you can take a cableway to Ulriken and Fløyen ! I do recommend you to hike the famous Vidden from Ulriken to Fløyen (or other way), it's not particular hard (about 4-5h) or steep. If you talk to some local natives :) ask them also for the famous Stoltzekleiven (in Sandviken). It's a 270m steep pitch with lot of stone steps. If you reach the top after some hard hiking :) (about 20-35 min) have you reached the Sandvikspilen. The view is worth it. From Sandvikspilen you can hike to Fløyen or start the hike over Vidden to Ulriken. If you have a map I also recommend you to try to find the hiking path that goes to Sandviksfjellet. It's a small path on the right from Sandvikspilen. I hiked this peak for the first time summer 1998 and the great new view of Bergen city struck me. Sandviksfjellet then became one of my favorites.

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