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If you need any information about outdoor life (hiking/ skiing/ climbing/ cycling) in Norway, contact these organisations. If you specify your requests (what you realy want to know) you will receive better response !

Den Norske Turistforening

Den Norske Turistforening
(The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association).

Storgata 3, Postboks 7 Sentrum, 0101 Oslo
Administration: Tel. +47 22822800, Fax. +47 22822801
Information: Tel. +47 22822822, Fax. +47 22822823
Private and useful information about DNT.
For hiking/skiing information.
Bergen Turlag

Bergen Turlag
(A local Mountain Touring organisation in Bergen, connected to DNT)

Tverrgaten 4/6, 5017 Bergen
Tel. +47 55322230, Fax. +47 55328115
For hiking/skiing information in Hordaland (West Norway) county.
Norsk Tindeklub

Norsk Tindeklub
(Norwegian Alpine Club)

v/ Egil Fredriksen
Postboks 7 Sentrum, 0101 Oslo
For climbing information.
Syklistenes Landsforening

Syklistenes Landsforening
(Norwegian Cyclists' Association)

Storgt. 23c, P.O. Box 8883 Youngstorget, 0028 Oslo
Tel. +47 22415080, Fax. +47 22416565
Norwegian bicycle-maps.
For cycling information.

If you want your organisation to be listed here let me know.

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