Norwegian Mountains - old questbook From: Erlend Bjørge
Re: Welcome !

Hi !

Hope you liked my page ?? Is there anything
I can do better ? More pictures are coming,
someday ! :-)

Take care !
Erlend :-)
From: Erlend Bjørge
Re: Welcome !

Hey there !

Hope you liked my hike ? Are there anything I can
do better ? More pictures are coming up, someday :-)

Have a nice hiking day !
Erlend :-)
From: Roelof
Re: Bergen

Interesting site but the pictures are to big. To much sky. A suggestion you can place on a side all pictures on a very small size so you don't have to see all the pictures if they are interesting enough for someone.

greatings from Holland
From: Sherry Johnson and Lynae Bialon
Re: Storaasli Web Site

Lynae and I are fascinated with this. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing with all of us.Lynae says "It's so nice to put a face with the voice!"
From: Sherry Johnson and Lynae Bialon
Re: Storaasli Web Site

Lynae and I are fascinated with this. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing with all of us.Lynae says "It's so nice to put a face with the voice!"
From: mackay
Re: your page

well i think its great i love all the pics. its fun to save em adn use them as wallpapers gives you a varity of wallpapers thanks!!
From: seoul
Re: korea

From: Mick Rasmussen

Endelig fandt jeg en komplett liste over 2000 meter toppe i Norge. 1000 tak.
From: Jessica
From: Thomas J. Sprouse
Re: Site / Alterior Motive

Hey Nice Site, Found the articles interesting.
My family originates from Norway, though information on them is scarce. I do know that Kvitvik was the family name, and Im looking for any information available. And / Or contacts ~!~

Thomas J. Sprouse

contact for further information, Please ~!~
From: frank stellenboom
Re: wintertrip

I am preparing for a wintertrip in Jotunheimen in March. This is an interresting site for getting information. I am thinking about taking snowshoes next year instead of skis. But i am not sure because i have no experience with snowshoes.
From: ann romence
Re: hi heather
star leap

nice page heather! woo woo!
From: Laura

I used to live in Norway and it was really nice to see all the nice pictures. It brought back a lot of memorys that I had forgotten. Living in Bergen, Norway was a great experience for me! I did not get a chance to view everything you had but I promise when I have the time I will look again!
It was a great site to visit!!!!!!!

From: Sander
Re: Hhhmmm....

Great pages. I've been there quite often (Jotunheimen, Hardangervidda, etc.). I especially liked Olavsbu. Great place to be. This year I went to Pakistan. My goodness, if you want to see `real` mountains... Go up there: 8000 meters and even higher. There are some great pictures on my page:

From: Tor.G.Nygard

Nice pages. I`m Trying to build up my own pages, and give a presentation of Norway. But due to lack of creativity, it`s a slow process. Therefore it`s nice to get some ideas from you.

And to everybody else, if you`ve got some ideas, send a mail.

From: Anthony Dyer

It's nice to see such comphehensive info on a mountain area in a foreign country. I've used it to get ideas on where to go hiking in Norway and thus found it very useful. Keep up the good work!
From: Paul Janssen

Great pictures! i like your site, good impression of norway.

From: Lisa Sandvik
Re: Hm?

Wow, what a great site! This really gave me ideas I suddenly felt the urge to go hiking...
From: Eddie Poppe

I'm a student from the Netherlands and i'm going to study in Oslo for half a year, so i'm trying to get some informtation about Norway. Your page was very helpful and the images are very beautiful. Thank you!
From: Ole Thomas Bryn
Re: I'am sorry, i can't forstand it

i love Bergen
That is the finest city in the world
No littlebitt Norwegen:

Jeg synes at Norge er verdens fineste land
hadde Trondheim vært borte hadde det vært ett
mye, mye, mye, mye finere land
Trondheim er en møkkaby, bare søppel alt

From: Lorents Lauritsen

Hei, jeg har vært inne og sett på hjemmesiden din. Jeg forstår at du er interessert i fjell og tindebestigninger. Får du med deg Kjersti på disse turene? Ha en god jul. Hvis du ikke vet hvem jeg er så kan du spørre Kjersti.
From: a hoof

great picturus
From: Bosschaert james

We are from Belgium and we will go for the second time to norge and we enjoyed your pictures and it gives us a good feeling
thank you !

From: Ben Quandt
Re: Hiking/Backpacking

Cool stuff. I am thinking of hiking from Australia
across Nepal and through Europe and eventually ino Norway.
From: Phillip Rekdale
Re: Your Homepage

You have created a very interesting and useful site here - congratulations! Greetings from "Down Under".

From: mark
Re: site

brilliant site! wish i was there!!
fred geers

morsomt side! lykke til
Chastity Keenan
Guest Book

I like your pictures on Norway alot. I'm doing a report on Norway and I was wondering if you can send some stuff to my email about Norway. What I need is topography, mini history, major religon, exports and imports. If I need anything else I will let you know.
Chastity Keenan
Line Steiner
Torbjorn's fritids aktiviteter

Hei Torbjorn,
Skal si du har blitt aktiv. Jeg har nettop gatt igjennom
Line Steiner
Torbjorn's fritids aktiviteter

Hei Torbjorn,
Skal si du har blitt aktiv. Jeg har nettop gatt igjennom
Line Steiner
Torbjorn's fritids aktiviteter

Hei Torbjorn,
Skal si du har blitt aktiv. Jeg har nettop gatt igjennom
Lynette Geehan
Norway information for primary class

I like your site, and would like more info on the country of Norway Thank you for your time! L. Geehan
Martha McClements
Bike riding

Visiting Bergen ,June 23 & 24, 1998. Is it easy to rent bikes? As I'm a desert rat, how cool will it be in the region? Great Pics! Thanks
Carl Hovey

Greetings from Oregon.
I like your pictures.
Some day I would like to visit the old country.

Renae O'Neill

I like the pictures.I'm doin a report on Norwegian culture because I think its cool.
Becky Fisher
The hike

This page is pretty kewl..helped me with a project I had to do.
Brandon Cooke

Cool site! I was looking for info on Norway, and I found your site: hiking and Norway! I love to hike as well, though the mountains around my home (western North Carolina) seem tame compared to yours. I've definitely got to visit Norway sometime, if not move there!!
Adam Zrust
El Nino Phenomenon

Norway is Great!
Peder Vidnes

Det var noen riktig fine bilder du hadde av Gaustatoppen. Kanskje jeg finner noen fine bilder som jeg kan sende til deg?
Juha Nieminen

I visited Norway last summer and the scenery was great, at least in northern Norway. Well, I have to go to search what this site has to offer...
Henk Lenssen

Norway is a great country. Every year we spend our vacation in Sudndalen.
Kalle Kiiranen
Jotunheimen 96

Hello from Tartu, Estonia. We were in the Jotunheimen mountains in the summer 1996. Very nice place! We got some information about Norwegian mountains from Erlend's Homepage. Kalle
Vincent Lowe, UK
Norway's grand mountains

Liked your site very much. - excellent work I've had five visits to Norway now, plus one to Svalbard. I have a few Norway pictures on my website and will be adding a whole section soon - I will put in a link to your site.
bonny blue

this is great

nice hike, hike and more hike, very cool website, by the eway visit my page
Gay Frojen
Hiking near Bergen in June 1998

Hello . . . I came upon your interesting page while I was looking for information to help me plan my June trip to the Bergen area. I'm interested in day hikes that can be combined with ferry, train, or bus rides out of Bergen. I'd like to see some small towns and the beautiful fjord scenery, but I'm not interested in technical mountaineering, overnight camping, or anything very strenuous. I'd appreciate any suggestions you have for me. Thank you -- Gay Frojen, Dutch Harbor, Alaska, USA
Linda og Johan
Rjukan Gaustatoppen

Rjukan is a very nice place for camping. It has a lovely envirement and it is a great place for tracking. We went to the gaustatoppen. When you are on the top, you get a lovely view (when the weatherconditions are good). You can see 1/6 off Norway.
Skip Rawson
Kirkenes and Hammerfest

Visiting Hammerfest and Kirkenes on the coastal boat beginning in Bodo, June 6th. Will have a few days before departure home to New York on the 14th. Has anyone walked to Russia from Kirkenes? Is it too far? Also looking for a contact in the Hammerfest area. Thanks, Skip/

Your page was really COOL!:)
alex variu
norway's tourism

hello i am a student at the 'international business and economics' and i must do a research about 'norway's tourism' i want to congratulate you for this site and i want to ask you if you can send me some information about the tourism in norway thank you
William Ole Sigerseth
Thanks for the help

Well, I suppose you hear this all the time, I came across your page as I was looking for information for a paper I am doing about National, or in this case International Parks. I could have chosen any country, including the United States but I am fascinated with Norway simply because my family tree has deep roots there. I plan on visiting Norway in the near future anyway, so this visit was a win/win situation for me. I would appreciate it if you could find the time to send me some geological information about your favorite park in Norway. I hope to see more pictures on your site soon. Thanks again for your help.